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Chez Camille, a fantastic restaurant, and refurbishment project that opened in 2014, one nice space made of 3 different old establishments; a Pub, a storeroom, and a whorehouse. The kitchen has a Kamado Charcoal grill that makes the special touch on a great part of the menu.

  Let’s talk a little about how we cook in Chez Camille and who is our acclaimed Kamado.

It is considered by many as the Rolls Royce of the ceramic grills. Thanks to its great control and precision of the temperature, it offers the advantages of a classic grill combined with a stone oven. In addition, it can be used for roasting, baking, smoking and slow cooking. Even after many hours of cooking, the meat will remain tender and juicy.


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Open every day from 5pm to 12pm.  Closed on tuesdays.

Booking for today please call us at

+34 971 72 16 22


If you are booking for 1-8 people please do it here online or via email


If you are looking for a group bigger than 8 people, you want to make changes in your reservation or you want to cancel please contact us at  info@chezcamille.es


 +34 971 72 16 22


Carrer de la Mar, 18, 07012

Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

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